Puretta Oral Care
Puretta Oral Care
Puretta Oral Care

Puretta Oral Care

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The Toothbrush Cleaner is a cleaning device that focuses on cleaning your toothbrush. We all come to the dentist sometime and usually we are told how to brush teeth and their importance. But ... how often is the hygiene of the toothbrush considered? Right, almost not. While, according to specialists, the toothbrush is one of the least cleaned products in the house. How did that happen? Your toothbrush is often open in the bathroom. Because all kinds of bacteria and substances are moving around in your bathroom, it goes without saying that your toothbrush will also be contaminated with it. And this is not only harmful to your mouth flora, but also to your general health. Scientists have determined that certain bacteria can enter the blood stream of our body through the mouth.

How does Puretta solve the problem?

Puretta has a built-in system that eliminates bacteria left on your toothbrush by UV radiation and thus makes it harmless. After brushing your teeth, place your brush in the appliance and your toothbrush will be cleaned within 5 minutes. Thanks to the smart motion detector, cleaning only starts when you leave the bathroom. This way everyone can take the time to brush gently and the cleaning does not have to be interrupted. 

Important functions

  • It has been tested and certified for claims. You can use a fresh, clean toothbrush every time.
  • Smart infrared induction: Puretta can detect body movement through a digital sensor, when the person approaches, the white indicator light lights up. And when the person leaves for a few seconds, the sterilization process begins to ensure safe use. (especially important for the children)
  • Simple and easy to install: with this toothbrush holder you can place 4 toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste. There is also room for a razor. This keeps your bathroom clean and tidy.
  • Green energy: The thin solar panel automatically charges the holder with light in your bathroom. It can be charged effectively by any light (including indoor light and natural light), can work for more than three months after full charging

Note: if there is not enough light, it can happen that too little energy is stored.

  • Because it works without an outlet, you can place it anywhere. This way you create more space.
  • Automatic toothpaste dispenser: the design of the fixation hole on the squeezer can help you get the toothpaste easily and correctly.


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