Aroma Therapy - remote control
Aroma Therapy - remote control

Aroma Therapy - remote control

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The Aroma diffuser will get you into ZEN mode in no time. The LED lighting provides a Relaxing and Soothing feeling. Ideal for when you come home after work or just want to rest after a visit to the GYM. Its large water capacity ensures that you can enjoy a wonderful scent in the house for a long time. It also fits perfectly as an office fragrance. The fog that accompanies relaxing LED lighting brings the scent directly into the air so that you and your visitors can optimally enjoy. You can set the lighting yourself or have it switched automatically. You can also choose from 12 different color illuminations. For which mood what else!

The Aoma diffuser has a number of important options in addition to spreading nice smells. You can also use it to moisten your (Baby) room or office against dry skin or persistent nose irritations. Do you have essential oils at home? Add this and this ensures that unpleasant odors give way to pure and fresh scents. This way your house, office or study will always stay fresh and fruity!

LED Lighting
The Colorful LED lighting not only contributes to an atmospheric mood, it is also THE invention for people who have difficulty sleeping in the evening or are afraid of the dark.

Silent Enjoyment
Through innovative and ultrasonic technology, this air freshener works silently so that you can enjoy undisturbed. 

Automatic switch-off
The Aroma Diffuser switches itself off automatically when the water tank is empty. You can also set the times at which you want. You can choose from 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuously. Ideal if you want to come home to a fresh-smelling home or office.  

Ideal gift
Its unique appearance makes it an attractive addition to your interior. A great gift for all your family and friends or just for people who love Aroma therapy.


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